About Us

Tuva Machinery; was established by qualified teams specialized in packaging machines, end-of-line machines, robots and equipment, managers who have made a name for themselves with many projects in the country and abroad, and experts in the field of industrial machines. Tuva Makine was established in Konya in 2020 with the aim of finding unique solutions to the problems of its customers on a sectoral basis, together with its expert R&D and innovation staff and experienced personnel in manufacturing.

With its sectoral experience and successful projects, it strives to reach its vision and goals in a short time.

Tuva Makine determines the demands of its customers, makes the necessary process analyzes and examinations, makes the design, static and dynamic analyzes and calculations of the project until the delivery time, produces machines in accordance with the necessary quality standards and delivers them to the customer after quality control. With this careful and disciplined work, Tuva Makine wants to produce high-quality, healthy and sustainable high-capacity machines with packaging machines and robotic automation systems in many sectors and offer them to its customers.

As Tuva Makine, our aim is to implement the developing technology in our products and solutions without giving up on R&D and innovation, to produce important machines and technologies in the transition period to Industry 4.0, to ensure that our customers get to advanced levels compared to their domestic and foreign competitors by observing customer satisfaction without compromising our quality policy. is to play an active role.